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The sun is always shining with Fancy Yellow Diamonds.

The sun is always shining with Fancy Yellow Diamonds.
January 27, 2018 Adam Ohayon

Yellow diamonds have been worn by kings and queens, seen on celebrities, purchased as investments and adorn by connoisseurs of fine jewellery for centuries. Making for vibrant jewellery and impressive engagement rings.
Its yellow colour is caused by the addition of nitrogen within the diamond. It is this rare, natural impurity that gives yellow diamonds their warm natural glow to their vibrant beautiful yellow colour.
The majority of all diamonds contain some nitrogen. In most yellow diamonds the nitrogen atoms have grouped themselves in a specific way. This arrangements absorbs the blue light of the colour spectrum producing a yellow colour. Yellow diamonds can contain an orange, green or brown tones or secondary colour as well as combinations of these tones and colours.
Although not quite as rare as fancy pink and blue colour diamonds. Yellow diamonds are among the most popular fancy colour diamonds.
Yellow diamonds come in all shapes sizes. (Round, pear, Radiant, oval, cushion, princess cut, etc.)
Just as with white diamonds their value is determined by its clarity and colour. However, like as when selecting other natural fancy color diamonds, the colour of the diamond is commonly of most importance.
Yellow Diamond come in colour shades from: Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow and Fancy Vidid Yellow.
They are many shades and secondary colours such as orange, green and brown or combinations of these and other nuances that make each yellow colour diamond unique and beautiful.
Flawless and Internally Flawless clarity and fancy intense and fancy vivid colour grades tend to be the most attractive to investors and collectors.

Natural fancy yellow diamonds are available in many shades and tones for every budget, occasion and personality.

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Adam Ohayon
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